Health Insurance And College Tuition After Divorce

Health insurance and college tuition are two large expenses that are very important to a child's future and well-being. Deciding which spouse will pay for how much of these expenses and for how long are crucial factors that should be considered when settling all issues related to your divorce action. You need to work with an experienced attorney who understands how to negotiate and litigate these issues to ensure a fair outcome that protects your rights and needs.

With office in Salem, Massachusetts, Moniz & Mendes, P.C., has a strong property division practice as part of our family law representation that helps people throughout Essex County, the North Shore and the surrounding communities. Our Salem attorneys' goal is to advocate on your behalf and work with you to reach the best possible solution to your family law difficulty while conserving your financial resources and minimizing emotional upset during your divorce.

Skilled Legal Assistance With Divorce Agreements

The ongoing health care needs of your children must be discussed in your original child support order. Topics include who will take out insurance and who will pay co-pays. It should also include how the two parents will share any uninsured or underinsured medical, dental and other health care costs such as necessary psychological counseling. If these costs are not appropriately discussed and agreed upon in your order, you could be facing the need for future legal assistance, and even litigation.

College tuition is yet another contentious issue. If parents can agree early on who will set aside a savings account or who will pay the tuition bills as they come, then you can save yourself time and money by avoiding future legal battles. We can help you negotiate an arrangement that takes into account all costs, including books, residence, meals, travel and other necessary expenses.

In fact, other than situations involving substantially changed circumstances, most modifications of divorce settlement agreements are caused by health care arrangements or college tuition payment plans that one party feels is unfair or unclear. We can help you avoid this type of dispute by ensuring that every option is explored when negotiating your initial divorce agreement before your final decree is granted.

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