Mediation: An Amicable Way To Resolve Disputes During Divorce

Divorce mediation presents another option for couples wanting a divorce or separation. Mediation gives you the option of hiring an impartial divorce mediator to help reach a fair and equitable agreement. Many people think divorce mediation only works when a couple has everything figured out, and is in total agreement about property division, custody and support issues. That is not correct.

Divorce mediation is a good option for couples who do not want to litigate every aspect of their divorce. When divorce is taken to court, a judge who does not know you or your family may impose terms that neither party finds satisfactory. Conversely, divorce mediation allows couples to work together in a cooperative environment to reach their own agreement, including contentious aspects of their divorce. They can choose whether or not to be represented by lawyers. At Moniz & Mendes, P.C., our Salem divorce mediation attorneys help couples throughout Essex County and surrounding communities in Massachusetts resolve divorce matters through mediation.

Divorce mediation only works if both spouses:

  • Participate in the process freely and voluntarily
  • Make full and complete financial disclosure
  • Believe with confidence that they have or will receive full financial disclosure from the other spouse
  • Make a good faith effort to reach an agreement

Benefits of divorce mediation:

  • Significant cost savings by avoiding a costly and lengthy divorce
  • Helps ensure that each party is fully informed about their legal and financial options, and the consequences of each decision
  • Greater control over each decision and agreement
  • Less adversarial, as an agreement can often be achieved in less time, and with less stress and animosity than with a litigated divorce
  • Less painful experience for the each party and any children involved since the emotional turmoil of a litigated divorce is avoided

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