Massachusetts Law Firm: Divorce And Real Estate

Moniz & Mendes, P.C., we offer individuals and families throughout Salem, Essex County, and surrounding counties in Massachusetts legal counsel in divorce, divorce mediation, and family law and real estate matters.

Client Focused, Community Minded, Results Drive:
Providing Service, Advocacy, Support And Awareness

Our attorneys are part of the community — not just successful members of the local business community but proud participants in broader community activities. We have a presence and a voice, which we use to instill positive change in the neighborhoods and regions we serve. We believe in taking time out from representing individual clients to expand advocacy, support important community initiatives, and give a voice to those who need support and help being heard.

What Our Clients Say:
"I want to thank [you] for all you have done for our family."
"It's great to see that there is an attorney that goes the extra mile to satisfy their clients."
"Never cut corners, never settled for anything unreasonable just to finalize this case."
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