Handling Family Law, Divorce And Real Estate Matters

For most legal practice areas, financial and emotional issues have numerous possible solutions. Sometimes the biggest challenge is deciding how to address and resolve your legal matter. Whether you are struggling with how to end your marriage and get a divorce or dealing with a child custody dispute, an experienced lawyer can help.

At Moniz & Mendes, P.C., our divorce settlement lawyers take the time to explain each option to our clients, and we help them understand the costs and benefits of each. We listen to our clients and their stories, and we help them craft a solution that is appropriate for their situation. From our office in Salem, we offer clients throughout Essex County and the surrounding communities in Massachusetts legal counsel in the areas of family law and real estate.

Working To Successfully Resolve Your Family Law Issues

  • Divorce and family law issues: We offer clients the representation they need in their divorce and family law issues. We provide full-service legal advocacy as well as "limited assistance representation" for individuals who need formal legal assistance with only one aspect of their case.
  • Child custody and support disputes: We work with clients to create workable child custody arrangement and parenting plans that are in the family's best interest. We also help clients negotiate fair and reasonable child support agreements.
  • Property division: We help clients equitably divide all marital property, including real estate, bank and investment accounts, retirement accounts and benefits, and family business assets. We also help our clients protect their separate, nonmarital property and understand the tax consequences of various property division options.
  • Divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution: We work with couples who do not want to litigate every aspect of their divorce and want to resolve their divorce, including high-conflict and contested issues in a less adversarial and more cost-effective manner.
  • Modifications and enforcement: Final divorce decrees are rarely actually "final." When circumstances change substantially after a divorce, one or the other ex-spouse may need to seek modification of a child support or child custody order. We can help. We also provide advice and assistance with enforcement issues when one ex-spouse is accused of not complying with the terms of the divorce.
  • Legal issues relevant to same-sex couples and their children: Massachusetts has equalized marriage rights for same-sex couples, but divorce still presents unique problems for gay, lesbian bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) couples. Our law firm has been active in the GLBT community and provides knowledgeable family law legal services to same-sex couples.

Skilled Representation For All Parties In Real Estate Matters

  • Residential real estate: We have experience representing buyers, sellers and lenders in all residential real estate transactions.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes: We represent residential landlords who need legal assistance to affect evictions or otherwise protect their interests.

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