Providing Legal Guidance To Residential Landlords

Are you a homeowner with a multiunit house, renting out the other units to help make ends meet and hopefully turn a profit? If so, you are a residential landlord just as much as the professional corporations are, and you have the same rights and responsibilities with regard to your tenants.

Moniz & Mendes, P.C., is a Salem, Massachusetts, law firm that offers cost-effective and practical legal advice and representation to local residential landlords in Suffolk, Middlesex and Essex counties. Renting residential property is one of those areas where the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" truly means something.

If you violate any one of the many laws protecting tenant rights, even a small innocent mistake could become very costly. It is more efficient to consult our experienced lawyers ahead of time to get the information you need in the following issues:

  • How to evict a renter: Landlord-tenant law is very specific about what landlords can and cannot do to a tenant who does not pay rent. Tenant eviction laws require landlords to give tenants specific notices required by law with certain provisions and timeframe before going to court to evict the tenant. We help our clients properly give notices to tenants in order to minimize the loss of rent and get the issue addressed by the court.
  • How to manage a security deposit: There are specific laws that must be followed when receiving, managing and returning a security deposit, and any interest earned on the security deposit. Any violation of these laws may be very costly to the landlord. We help landlords understand the law, and know their rights and obligations.
  • How to write a lease agreement: Landlords need properly drafted rental agreements to protect themselves in case things go wrong with a tenant. Store bought rental agreements are certainly much cheaper, but those forms are not necessarily tailored to address the laws here in Massachusetts. Our landlord-tenant attorneys can help you draft a proper rental agreement that will be best suited to protect your legal rights.
  • How to document compliance with the State Sanitary Code: Landlords in Massachusetts renting residential property must often defend themselves against tenants claiming that their apartments do not comply with provisions of the State Sanitary Code, and these allegations can prove costly to the unwary landlord. Our landlord-tenant attorneys can assist landlords with taking preventative action to defend themselves against these allegations.
  • How to advertise your rental property: Certain statements in a for-rent ad could violate state and federal laws against housing discrimination. We can review your advertisements to make sure they comply with the relevant laws.

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